The birth of minimalRX emerged from the essence of one pioneering company: The Goodskn Company. Known for creating boundary-pushing skincare solutions, The Goodskn Company has been a catalyst in revolutionizing skincare for people of color. Our mission has always been deeply rooted in crafting formulations that address the unique needs of diverse skin types and concerns. However, we recognized a missing piece in our efforts—a range that resonated with those who value minimalistic skincare without compromise on efficacy or transparency.

Thus, the inception of minimalRX was not just an idea, but a necessity. The brand symbolizes a paradigm shift in skincare—an approach that merges the principles of minimalist design with evidence-based science. At minimalRX, we believe that less is indeed more. But ‘less’ in our terms doesn’t mean sacrificing the potency or the science behind the products. Instead, we stripped back on unnecessary ingredients, marketing hype, and moved the spotlight onto bare, clinically effective formulations.

The journey began with the Goodskn Company’s best-selling Alpha Arbutin Concentrate (AAC). AAC was the epitome of our intent—transparent, potent, and effective, designed for all skin types, especially focusing on the skin of color. The remarkable success of AAC reaffirmed our belief in our philosophy and became the cornerstone of minimalRX.

minimalRX, however, is not just about the products. It is about empowering our consumers. Each product from minimalRX comes with comprehensive, yet accessible information. We disclose every ingredient, share why it is there, its concentration, and what it does. We believe that informed consumers make the best choices, and we’re here to facilitate that process.

The story of minimalRX is an ongoing one. As we continue to evolve, our focus remains unchanging—delivering transparent, clinically effective, and minimalistic skincare solutions. As a child of The Goodskn Company, minimalRX carries forward its legacy while forging its unique path towards empowering skincare of the future. From our heart to your skin, welcome to the world of minimalRX.

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